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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Update Status - January

Hello Folks!!

I know it's late but heck, Happy New Year!!! Here's wishing you fish folks great success in your projects.

Now, due to some personal matters and coming down with sore stomach and gastritis, I was not able to update further on my progress with the racks and some mini projects I was in.

Currently, my rack consist of 10 Gex M Size tanks and 2 45cm glass tanks (using these two for my planted tank)

Air Distribution
Previously, you saw from my other post that I added only 5 air valve on each level. Now, that wasn't a good idea. The worst thing you can do is allowing back pressure to occur. So each level now has 10 valves.

Valves not used are inserted with tube, air stone and turn on.

Vinegar Eels
I was doing a post on this half way but kinda lost a few pictures. I will try to update on this when I can. It's pretty simple to culture them but I find baby brine shrimps (bbs) is easier to feed my fish. They go crazy for them.

I went to some hardware store near my office and found that they sell these lights. It's great! Bright and I'm using it on one right now to try it out. Will add to the rest of the levels if this one works well.

I came across one of the groups on facebook; a gentleman selling brine shrimp eggs. I went on to look on how these shrimps are hatched and its benefits and disadvantages. Do check out my post on it. I feed all my fish brine shrimps once a day or two. Guppies love them!

Albino Metal Red Guppy
I got in contact with a gentleman who could get me a pair of this. It comes from Taiwan and the videos on the strain and its quality was awesome! Arriving on the 20th January! I can't wait!

Well, I'll post most of the stuffs listed above in more details and with more pics soon!

Cheers guys!

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