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Monday, January 14, 2013

Artemia Nauplii (Baby Brine Shrimps)

Disclaimer: Setting this is pretty easy but the eggs is another. Blogger finds it best to purchase from fellow hobbyist as this would gurantee a higher hatch rate than what the market can offer.. Nonetheless, blogger did had some luck with brine shrimp eggs from lfs. Do note that this is the blogger's method of hatching his brine shrimp eggs and may or may not be similiar to what's been recommended online.

I was introduce to brine shrimps a long time ago. To my knowledge Sea Monkeys are brine shrimps but of different species. Whether Sea Monkeys are engineered or not remains debatable. Hatching these are not hard at all but to raise them to adulthood is hard. Even good ol' Uncle Ron don't see the point of raising and breeding them. "Just get from auntie." (Who this auntie he is referring to? I'm not sure which lfs auntie he has his fixation on but he meant lfs where these adult brine shrimps are sold)

Firstly, let's talk about the items you will need.

  1. 2 1.5litre Bottle
  2. Airline Tubing
  3. Sea Salt
  4. Tea Filter Bag

Take one of the bottle (A) and cut off two third of it. Gauge yourself. This will be use as the base to hold the other bottle.

Cut the other bottle (B) one fifth off.

Take the bottle cap (A) and drill a hole. The hole made must be smaller than the airline tube. (Slightly)

Insert the tube into the cap.

Cut a hole in the "holder bottle" (A) so the airline tubing can pass through.

Make sure your air source is above the waterline. Otherwise, good luck with mopping the floor.

Here I have 800ml of water. I use roughly 1-1.5 tablespoon of sea salt. Turn on the pump to let it mix. And then I add a small tea spoon of the brine shrimp eggs.


After 24hours, switched off the air pump. Give it 15 minutes to settle. The egg shell will float while the BBS will swim at the bottom.

Purchase a tea filter or stockings. Remove the airline tube from the pump. Drain the water out. That brown thing you see is the BBS.

Drain the water but not every drop. Otherwise you will be siphoning the egg shells as well. Stop when you're close. Take the filter cloth and dump into a small bowl of tank water. Let the BBS settle a bit and use a syringe to suck them up.

Feed accordingly. Note that it is ideal to feed your fishes 6 hours after the egg hatches.

And there you go. The water can be reuse again a few times.

100 grams of Brine Shrimp Eggs

I gotten this from a friend, David. 100 grams for SGD$15. Do contact me if you're interested in them. I'll patch you through to him. Very high hatching rate 98% if not more.

40 grams of Brine Shrimp Eggs

Got this from an LFS for $12.00 Hatch rate of about 98% Do the math and find out which one you think is more worth it or rather value for money.

Well, have fun!! Guppies, frys and  fish like Harlequin, SAE and Rummy Nose loves them. Your fish will love you more after feeding them this.

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