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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Air Distribution System Part II

Disclaimer: This is the blogger own interpretation of his air system. Take note that this is not a guide but merely to share the project that he has made. Blogger will not be held responsible for any wet floor and lecture from the wife. Thank you.

Here's an update that I'm trying to do to my current rack.

First off, let me explain the number of tanks that I envision and decided to have on this rack.

Top Level: 5x Gex Tank Size S -> Pending. Will get this in future.
3rd Level: 5x Gex Tank Size M
2nd Level: 5x Gex Tank Size M
Bottom Level: 2x 45cm Glass Tank (Planted Tank)

Reference to my previous attempts at the distribution system, it is working fine. I added 5 more single valve to each level.

Now I decided revamp the whole thing. I plan to add the 5x Gex Tank Size S on the top most.

The equipments I used as follows:
Hi Blow 40 Air Pump

16mm PVC Pipes

Elbow Joints 

Tee Joints

One Way Air Valve

Teflon Tape

Black Air Tubing

PVC Cutter


Zip Ties (Cable Ties)

I did a plan on Word so that it'll be easier for me to follow. It's a simple construction.

Did a small scale just to see how it looks. The sides have already been measured. Horizontal pipe is about 4ft long.

As you can see, the top most tier, I have yet to install the one way valve yet. Will do that later.

Anyway, that's it. It's pretty simple but I took a lot longer as I was doing maintenance for the tanks as well. I had fun doing mine; hope you have yours. Good luck.

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