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Friday, September 07, 2012

RREA Full Red Guppy

I got interested in these babies some time ago. Y618 is one of the lfs I frequent to get my equipments, food, fauna etc. One day, a friend suggested that I take a look at the guppy, Albino Full Red. At first I wasn't so sure that I want to go down the line of keeping guppies as my main focus or goal was more into aquascapping and planted tank.

One close look, I fell in love. Full red body and the red eyes. How can one not be fascinated by these lovelies. I went to research online to get more information but there wasn't much. It was pretty general. Anyway, it wasn't like I've never kept guppies in my life before but this are pure strains. Gulp. I have a spare tank with some platys so I was more or less set.

One day, a friend notified me of Aquastar having new arrivals of Albinos. I went down and bought a few pairs. 6 total. 3 males and 3 females. I know the ratio is off but buying a pair cost me $6. I am not certain of grade though. To me grade is based on the eye of the beholder.

After getting them, I made a mistake and lost a few of them. They jump. =( Sadly, my project came to a halt. I visited Y618 and saw Albinos in their individual bags. Kinda sad but that was how they wereplaced. There were some Albinos in tanks and when you compare them, the ones in the individual bags were more beautiful. They came in A or AA grade. A being $5 each and AA $15. It was hard to tell the difference. Hence, I settled with 3 males and 3 females. All being A grade. The ratio now will be 4 males and 6 females.

I placed them in my platy tank which was pretty small. 40cm tank. Roughly about 30L. So I sat down and thought it over. I was not going to be a crazy breeder. Just a casual one. Keeping the best and the excess to give away/sell to friends and fellow hobbyist.

So what I did? I bought two 45cm tanks which is 40L or 10 gallon tank. One was going to be a low tech planted with simple plants like hairgrass and moss while the other sand based.

One for the males and the other females. I bought a couple smaller tanks to house juvi temporary. Bought a few breeder tank as well.

Right now, it's cycling. Strange how both tank ammonia level are the same. Both at 2.0 Eventhough, the low tech planted tank is the one with the ADA aquasoil. Anyway, I'm thinking of putting a few corydoras in the female tank. For the male, I have yet to decide but a few Otos, maybe yamatos, malayans and perhaps cherry shrimps? LOL Will see.

Well, while waiting, I've seperated the females into breeder tanks which are big enough. Hopefully, not stressful to them. I got frys by the way! About 20plus of them. Currently, on microworm, boiled egg yolk and powdered commercial fish food diet.

Crossing my fingers. Anyway, below are some pictures, enjoy.

When I first got interested in this Albino Full Red, I already have a tank cycled and ready.
Set Up
Tank: 40cm Glass Tank
Filtration: Gex HOF
Lights: Gex (No idea of Model)
Substrate: Quartz
Material: A rock from my iwagumi collection
Some fake plants (From Seaview)
Fauna: Albino Full Red (Male & Female) & 2 Golden Guppy (Male)

Left Picture: Taken with pink light I have in storeroom
Right Picture: Due to some chemicals that the fake plants were discharging (killing some fauna along the way), I changed it to a simple setup. This is how it looks like. I like to call it a containment tank while the 2 tanks for them are being cycled.
Set Up
Tank: 40cm Glass Tank
Filtration: Cheap internal filter (using air pump) with Eheim Substrat Pro and Biohome
Lights: Gex (No idea of Model)
Substrate: Pebbles with some rocks and pleco home
Material: NA
Fauna: Same less Golden Guppy - Add juvi platys

My Albino Full Red Guppy from Y618 & Aquastar
Background are the frys in its breeder box.

  This is the male tank that I am setting up. It's going to be low tech planted.
As I'm using ADA Amazonia New which brings PH down to roughly around 5.5, I had to place corals in the substrate.
Bogwood, ADA Amazonia, Gex White Sand and rocks on the other bank.
Flooding, I hate this. There's always this cloud of dust from the soil.

Added plants.
Rocks placed on bogwood as its not waterlogged.
Bridge added. (Lovebridge says my better half)
And yes, that is a house. Haha

The picture on the left is where the females will be. Breeding will be in this tank.
I have this two tanks plus two smaller tanks to house the frys when they are bigger so I can do selection. All except the male tank, I'm having PH of 7.6 or higher. Gah! I need to find a common PH for all. I'm hoping to get all at 6.8 Will see how that goes later on.
3-4 more weeks to go!!!

Frys!! Haha!! Happy Like Crazy! Just in time when they grow, my 4 tanks will be ready to accept them. Feeding on microworms, powdered flakes and once a week dose of boiled egg yolks.


  1. Do you happen to have these still? I'd love to buy some if you want to ship.

  2. Hi Corey, I'm sorry for the late reply. Was busy with personal stuffs. Anyway, I regret to inform you that I don't keep afr anymore. Only have the AMRLs at the moment but I believe some of the guys in this facebook group do ship AFRs.

    Do join the group and I believe they might help.


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