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Monday, January 14, 2013

Fish Food (Live & Commercial)

Hi guys,

I was asked by a friend to post the fish food and the routine I have when feeding my fish. It may not be well taken or perhaps others are doing the same. Its working for me so far. Well, before I begin, let me provide a bit of background of what I have.

These are the list of fauna that I have...
1) Harlequin Rasbora
2) Celestial Pearl Danio
3) Rummy Nose
4) Yamato Shrimps
5) Malayan Shrimps
6) Siamese Algae Eater (SAE)
7) Otocinclus (Oto)
8) Corydoras Sterbai
9) Corydoras Panda
10) Albino Red Guppies
11) Albino Red Metal Lace Guppies
12) Guppy Frys
13) Betta

Live Food
The following are live food that I am using or have used in the past.
1) Microworms (Own Culture)
2) Vinegar Eels (Own Culture)
3) Tubifex (Purchase from LFS) Wash & Wash & Wash before Feeding!!
4) Brine Shrimps - Adult (Purchase from LFS)
5) Baby Brine Shrimps (Self Hatch)

Vinegar Eels 
Credit to boyneburn (

Adult Brine Shrimps
(Credit to
Baby Brine Shrimps (BBS)
Baby Brine Shrimps (BBS)
Bought from David 
Do contact me should you wish to purchase them.
I will patch you through to David, no additional cost;
I'm just promoting his product. SGD$15/100grams.

Baby Brine Shrimps (BBS)
Bought from LFS

 Commercial Food
1) Ocean Free Super Colour (Flakes)
2) Ocean Free Super Miniature (Micro Granules)
3) Sera Micron (Powder)
4) Sera Vipagran Baby
5) Tetra Guppy
6) Ocean Nutrition Atison's Betta Pro

Ocean Free Super Colour (Flakes)
Ocean Free Super Miniature (Micro Granules)
Sera Micron (Powder)
Sera Vipagran Baby
Guppy Tetra 
Ocean Nutrition Atison's Betta Pro

Routine Feeding
We all know how attached we can be to our fishes. Everytime, we see them, they seem to move when we do and we start feeding them. This is wrong. A friend I know feed his fish once a week. It may seems horrible but n a way its better this way. Though I don't agree with feeding fish once a week especially if its a bare tank, feeding them less has its advantages.

When you overfeed, it will lead to two things, it will pollute your water when the food are uneaten and might result in diseases if not taken care of and two overfeeding fish might lead to swimbladder problems. Never overfeed.

I feed two of my gorgeous Bettas ONCE a day. Small quantity of Ocean Nutrition Atison's Betta Pro. I don't count the pellets I give them but I'm estimating about 10. This is their staple food. I do make a point to feed them tubifex once a week.

Bettas seems to have individual characteristic. No two bettas are the same. When I first got them, one of the bettas refuse to eat the food I gave. I stopped feeding him for two days. The day I feed him again, he was moving left and right in front of the tank. When I fed, he ate them all! Thanks to Uncle Ron for this tip.

Guppies (All Strains)
Again, like the bettas, I give them small quantities only. For their staple diet, I feed Tetra Guppy. This was a trial and error actually. I tried a couple of brands before and this brand was the one I find to be best food to feed mine. They love it!

I feed my guppies ONCE a day. Every two days, I do feed them BBS as well. They love these the most. I try to rotate between the BBS and the Tetra Guppy when I can.

Guppy Frys
As a small time breeder, I do have frys. I have tried Vinegar Eels and Microworms to feed them. They love them. But the problem I have with Microworms is that it stinks. I eat bread and I think of Microworms. My last culture crashed last week and my girlfriend was happy as the small cupboard where I store them no longer stink. Microworms are ideal for frys but they tend to drop to the bottom unlike Vinegar Eels.

Vinegar Eels are damn small. Culturing them is easy as well. But I am lazy. I use Apple Vinegar from Heinz and lazy to go to the groceries to get them. I do have two cultures going right now. Just added another slice of apple for them.

So that left me with this routine.

In the morning, I feed my frys Sera Micron. These are absolutely fabulous commercial food! It's green and in powder form. Easy for frys to consume. And the best thing is you can see the frys belly filled with them! Sera Micron is fed to frys that are just born. Within two months, I stopped feeding frys Micron and switch to Sera Vipagran. They love them as well! Frys at the bottom will all swim near to surface to feast.

In the evening, I harvest the BBS. I feed the BBS to my frys and the adults guppies as well. They absolutely love them.

The different here is I feed frys twice a day. Again in small quantity. Frys should be fed more often than the adults but again lessen the quantity.

The Rest of My Fauna
For the rest of my fauna, I feed them Ocean Free Super Colour (Flakes), Ocean Free Super Miniature (Micro Granules) or BBS. When I do visit any LFS, I try to get Brine Shrimps (Adult) or Tubifex to feed them.

Again, I feed them ONCE a day. Staple food is Ocean Free Super Colour (Flakes). I've stopped using the
Ocean Free Super Miniature (Micro Granules).

So there you go. Feed only once. Small quantity or rather just enough. Overfeeding is not a good idea. So keep it simple. Refrain from feeding everytime you see them. Its tempting but don't.

So I hope, this will somehow help or compare notes with other hobbyist on what they feed their faunas. I have friends who feed vegetables as well. Whatever works for you. I've been trying different food myself and  finally come to a point where I use only certain brand.

Good luck!


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