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Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Breeding Rack

I needed a rack quick if I was to get my breeding project up and running. Plus, the tanks I have now is pretty messy; its all over the place.
My first thought was to get my principal company to fabricate the rack I envision from scratch. But due to projects that the technical department was already swamped with, I dropped the idea.
I finally decided on light duty boltless shelving; the IND Series. Its supposed to be able to take a weight of 400kg per level. Whether that is true, I'm not sure. But it was my best option so far.
It came with various sizes but I chose 1200 x 480 x 1800mm
I found their website here. Howell United Singapore
I brought it home and had mom to help me to hold them up as I knock them into place. It's pretty easy to set up. No manual; just common sense.
So here's some pictures. I loaded
How it came in

After setting it up. Looking fab!

Well, this is not complete yet but you get the idea.
I'm thinking of...
1st Level: 5 Gex M Tanks
2nd Level: 5 Gex M Tanks
3rd Level: 5 Gex M Tanks
4th Level: 4 Gex L Tanks
The decking board is wood. Temporarily I painted them with this.
But later on, I would be putting this clear plastic sheet.
Otherwise the wood will not last.
 Anyway, future projects (addons) to the rack includes the following.
1) HiBlow Air Pump - Using PVC to supply the air for the HMF system
2) Water Top Up

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