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Friday, October 05, 2012

RREA Metal Red Lace

Finally!! It's here. It's been a long wait but finally. These babies come from a Taiwanese breeder. They arrived here in Singapore on Sunday 30th of September at 2027hrs and slowly made their journey home (to me) on the 2nd of October.
They're still young about 2-3 months old. Here's what I got from a our good friend in Taiwan.
3 pairs of RREA Albino Metal Red Lace
2 pairs of RREA Albino Full Red
Finally!! It's here!!
Wrapped with newspaper.
Individual gups in its breather bag.
Alive!!! First light the gups is expose to.
They came in a styrofoam box and each gups were individually packed in Kordon Breathing Bags. Refer to this link for more information Kordon - Breathing Bags What you do is just put the fish in with some water and tie it up. No need to add oxygen like they do at LFS. The bag let's CO2 out and O2 in. How this works and I can only think of Osmosis but exactly how, I have no clue.
I slept late that night as I had to acclimatize them slowly. The breeder didn't use anything special ie salt, so it should be easier to get them use to our tap water (with decholorinator of course). First 48 hours to me is crtical. Any signs of stress and I'll be worried sick. Crossing fingers, so far so good.
All of them have been placed in a containment tank for the time being. Seperated by gender. I'll be placing them into my other tanks once I find them more stable.

I know, badly taken pictures. Was using my iphone. =( My bad. More pictures will be up once my friend comes in today to help me take pictures with his "professional" camera.
Laters folks!

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